What guarantees are there on my stem cell deposit?

We provide a 30-year guarantee on the quality of the stem cells you bank with us. If your stem cells have a drop in vitality more than contractually agreed to, you will be reimbursed ten times your service fee.

We also provide a unique photo-certificate for each deposit – safely linking you to your stem cells. Our facilities have world-class storage and security in place.

Is there a risk of stem cells being rejected by my body when used for treatments?

Because you are using your own cells, there is no risk of rejection when these stem cells are used in treatment. By eliminating the need to hunt for cells that match your own body, you are saved time and effort.

Is it safe?

Collecting stem cells is 100% safe, will leave no scars, and is also entirely painless.

I’m an expecting parent and want to guarantee the future health of my child through stem cell banking. How do I do that?

Cord blood, cord tissue and placenta deposits are possible at time of birth. Both of these are ideal options to invest in your child’s future health.

How do I get started?

Move towards a healthier future now. Contact us to begin your journey.

As an adult, are there ways for me to have stem cells collected?

Yes, the fatty tissue that naturally occurs in your body can produce millions of stem cells that we are fully-equipped to gather for a deposit.

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