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We understand how important your stem cell deposits are. We’ve created a lifetime service that offers you the best in stem cell storage and transportation.

Unlike other stem cell banks that freeze your deposit as tissue segments without verification and multiplication, we verify the quantity and quality of your stem cells and make sure there are at least 10 million cells before they are placed in long-term storage. This means you will always have a backup for future usage.

Your deposits are matched to your identity through a unique photo-certificate documenting the total cell count, stem cell type, viability, number of vials, and growth potential of deposit.

We provide a 30-year guarantee on the quality of your stem cells to show our commitment to your future health. In the unlikely event that your stem cells have a drop in vitality, you’ll be reimbursed ten times your service fee.

Why choose Medeze?

Medeze Stem Cell is the ultimate choice in stem cell banking services for the whole family, with services available for all ages.

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