What is Adipose tissue?

Adipose tissue, more commonly known as fat tissue, is found beneath the skin, around internal organs, in the bone and in the breast. This tissue is often seen as an unwanted part of the body – in fact, high levels of fat in the body are linked with many life-threatening diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Adipose tissue is also an incredibly rich source of Mesenchymal stem cells (or MSCs).

Mesenchymal stem cells are unique in that they are multipotent. This means they are able to generate many forms of tissues which can help repair joints, the liver, bone, nerves, or even a damaged heart.

How do we use Adipose tissue?

Medeze Stem Cell has a painless, scar-free patented technology in place to extract stem cells which can be used for a whole range of medical and regenerative therapies. We also offer retrieval of your stem cells for no additional cost if you require them for transplant.

Because you are using your own cells, there is no risk of rejection when these stem cells are used in treatment. In eliminating the need to hunt for cells that match your own body – an often complicated process – you are saved time and effort.

Why choose Medeze?

Medeze Stem Cell is the ultimate choice in stem cell banking services for the whole family, with services available for all ages.

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